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Some time last week (date in story) two bikers stopped side by side behind a vehicle at an intersection was rearended by someone not paying attention. Read the storyto find out how the results came out for the bikers and the motorist. (don't know if it's the state or the lawyer)http://www2.counton2.com/cbd/news/l...uts_down_highway_17_in_mount_pleasant/136991/
There was a simular situation in NC (date unknown) with a motorist hitting three bikers (two bikes) and killing two. Was it because she was going over 100 MPH that gave her the $1.25M bond, the state it was in, or something else?
Be careful my fellow 9rs and 90's
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You can bet your life if a biker caused an accident that he/she would be hauled in and thrown the book at.

:edit: This really gets me upset!!!

Yesterday I did get out on my bike for a little and I always pull up behind a car at a traffic light diagonally. A white Altima was bearing down on me and I was like well she ain't stopping. I edged up and into the left lane and she slammed on brakes. Cellphone in her hand after she screeched to a stop missing the bumper of the truck in front of me by a inch maybe 2. She rolled her window down and said I didn't see you I'm sorry. I said if you'd put you F :edit:G cellphone down maybe you'd have seen all my flashing brake lights on my bike the stopped truck in front of me and the traffic light is red.

Of course she told me to go to H3ll.

I just think it's funny how a biker even in a car can spot a motorcycle a mile away and the regular public can't even drive. I think everyone should have to ride a motorcycle so they get accustomed to it and the dangers.
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That story is sad new's. Those two guy's had the life. They where probably both retired and enjoying their trip to bike week when that driver was to occupied with something else more important than DRIVING his suv when he took there lives from them and their families. All I can say is they died doing what they and us love to do "riding". R.I.P
no justice

Wow a citation and he's really sorry!
Well, if it were me on the bike that had gotten killed, I would hope my wife would persue a wrongfull death suit if the police didnt do anything as in this case.. This is unacceptable, of the police..:swear:
This really get's me going!!!...:verymad:...That F:edit:in F:edit:Ktard aught to be hung by his "BALL'S!!!!....Only a citation!..Now that is TOTAL BS!!

He say's sorry...And that's Ok!!!..Take precious life's away from loved one's,and get away with it!...WTF!.:eek::swear:Sorry for all the swear's!
Just very upset,and feeling very Sad for the Family's..

We've had a few AZZS coming at us from behind at full Throttle,and had to move over real fast!..I say get the H*ll off the phone,and watch the freaking road!!

They yell out,and peg us off..Like it was our fault!!..Total Idiot's!!...:verymad:

I really hope the Family file's a Law suit against that A:edit:Hole,and the PD Idiot's!!..:cus:
This really sadden's me!:'(...My Heart goes out to all the Family,and Friend's..Lot's of prayer's sent..:pray::pray::pray:...Stay strong,and keep the Faith...GOD rest their soul's...May they rest in peace...Like i alway's say...[GOD DON'T SLEEP!]...They'll get their day!

Take Care,Be Strong!..:pray::pray::bigthumbsup:
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That is horrible. The only reason I can think of why they didn't issue a citation on the scene, was to finish the investigation to ensure that the PROPER citation is issued. Either way, this person should be behind bars for negligent homicide.
Sandy:agree:Well put!
If he creamed 2 people in the crosswalk would he still get just a citation? :edit:
Wow a citation and he's really sorry!

Just go out and kill the neighbors cat and see what happens to you. Off to jail. This is so wrong.
about 2 years ago, my then 18 yr old son hit and killed a pedestrian while riding his cbr600. he spent 12 days in the hospital and probably would ve died himself except for a un-named doctor being within a few feet of the accident when it happened. in all honesty, he was more than likely speeding. the local pd did everything in their power to make it out to be his fault but their own investigation proved otherwise. in spite of his speeding, he was sober. the lady he hit was almost 3 times the legal limit drunk.
the best they could come up with was a reckless driving charge for him.
turned out the lady he hit was homeless and had been in and out of jail at least 5 times in the last 6 months before the accident for public intoxication and other charges. her son that hadnt seen her in months was heartbroken to the point that he sued us for wrongful death and collected around 30 thousand dollars.
somehow, its always the bikers fault that other people dont pay attention.
that in my opinion is bull****! this cager that mowed these 2 guys over should have his privelidge to drive taken away for a very long time if not forever. my 2 cents.
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It's not until people begin to see that motorcycles are no longer recreational vehicles and there is more inherent dangers will there be stiffer penalties for this kind of thing. I hate hearing about these things. The lady in the story ^ above should have been ashamed of herself, but instead screamed profanities and refused to take responsibility, typical of todays kids.
Homeless Mum +Motorcycle=Profit.

Biscuit.Not a good thing to happen to your lad,but it does happen.I hope he learnt his lesson in regard to speeding.Him being responsible in part for that lady's death should have been punishment enough.It will probably plague him for many years to come.I know I wouldn't want something like that hanging over the head of my son.The really sad part of this saga,is that the lady was HOMELESS.Why?It says that her son was heart broken at the loss of his mum,and sued you for big bucks.If this PRICK REALLY CARED FOR HIS MUM,then why was she HOMELESS?He saw an opportunity to make some quick dollars,and took it.It appears to me he wasn't interested in justice,only profit.What an ARSEHOLE! ! ! KEZZ.:bigthumbsup::bigthumbsup:
That is horrible. The only reason I can think of why they didn't issue a citation on the scene, was to finish the investigation to ensure that the PROPER citation is issued. Either way, this person should be behind bars for negligent homicide.
:agree:I guess the family can also press charges or something. I dont think you can just kill two people and walk away just saying tha you are "upset". Guess you guys should start creating a legal group or something over there to prosecute these people. All riders alike...
There's no bringing the two riders back, but I hope there families can get something out of it. Until the negligent drivers start getting due punishment, this crap is never going to end. I don't see why they don't get charged just because it was a motorcycle that got hit.

Wonder what the charges would have been if it were two police officers on the bikes? Not saying the police are solely at fault for stronger charges not being placed, but they are the ones writing the tickets.
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