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I'm tired of unscrewing the backrest. I'm looking for a Quick Release. Anybody have one that wants to sell?

Thanks from Michigan

Be advised, we have had several morons join this Forum over the past several months to a year, who have proven to be scam artists, posing as members here, who try to lure other members of this Forum into their trap. Their approaches have been identical to the one above made by <DELETED USER> in which they join the Forum for the sole purpose of responding to anyone/everyone who's looking to purchase any item at all for an M109R. They will state that have whatever it is you're looking for, but will provide you with some email address they created, to get you to respond outside of this Forum (which is totally unnecessary for anyone who is a legitimate/honest member here). They will ask you to send your money to them in various money exchanging Apps such as Venmo, Cash APP, Zelle, etc...They'll even sometimes ask you to do a wire transaction to a Western Union, or Walmart or something of that sort. Once they have received your money, you will never hear from them again. They will discontinue any form of communication they had with you, and you will be left with nothing but disbelief and anger. What they will never do is provide you with a PayPal email to send your payment to, because through PayPal they can be caught, identified, penalized, and possibly even prosecuted. Stay away from this moron, and any others who even remotely come across as suspicious. As a new member here, I wouldn't expect you to be aware of anything such as this. As a result, I am trying to help you avoid being scammed by this, or any other loser out there who's doing this sort of despicable stuff.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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