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Has anybody attached a windshield to the m109r yet. If so please post some pics and information on the product.
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I installed the slipstreamer Spitfire windshield but I don't have any pics yet. Jerbear installed one first and posted pics. Here's a link to the Thread:


BTW It works well :D :D
I needed one and tried the a honda shield, just like it because of the contoured shape. I cut more than I needed so I'm gonna get the cover epoxyed and painted up to about an inch only. I use a cutting blade that you simply attach in a hand held drill gun, then I found my dremmel, which would have been easier and cleaner, but oh well, I was going to replace the h/l with a VTX one but got bored last night, and thought , hell lets see what it would look like, and here it is, I don't know about you but I went and got my refund on the VTX light, cause the COWL is the distinguishing feature on the bike! trying to post but digtal pic's are two large, ant help out there?
Does your camera allow you to pick the pixel size before you shoot? If it does, choose smaller pixel amount then pics won't be so big.
Or here you go for a smaller pic...

BTW - I like the overall look but not sure on the size of the windshield. It almost over-powers the h/l cowl. But what model windshield is that? And did it bolt right up to the forks?


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You cut notches in your headlight cowl? :confused:

It's only a temp solution but it keeps the bugs off.
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jerbear said:

It's only a temp solution but it keeps the bugs off.
I think it may be a permanent solution for me. I'm getting compliments from guys I know that hate windshields. They like how it doesn't detract from the looks of the bike.
Good, I'm glad it works out for you. I keep going back and forth. The Spitfire meets my needs and I've gotten compliments on it too. I guess I'm just used to paying more for a shield.
yes, we instwaaled a memphis shade. i am trying to gat pics us as soon as i can make them smaller. we ahve it where it looks great, loki an extenasion of the nose fairing!
I may have to go with the Spitfire. I sure need something with all the sand on the roads around here.

I will take a look at the Memphis Shades screen before I decide, once cyclefreak31 posts them... hint, hint.
I've looked at lots of pics of windshields on this bike and so far the Spitfire has my vote. Haven't ordered it yet, but will soon!!
ppridgen1 said:
can't believe you notched your headlight nacelle for that attrocious windscreen.Yuk ! Not trying to be mean but dang , It looks like it came off of a police cruiser not a sport cruiser :doorag:
i think a windshield takes away from this bike BIG TIME.. takes away from the SPORT Cruiser look and feel..
TonyRumble said:
i think a windshield takes away from this bike BIG TIME.. takes away from the SPORT Cruiser look and feel..Â
I agree, however, function sometimes takes precedence over form. As I mentioned I'm on my bike daily, 45-60 miles each day, rain or shine. After eating sand every day, I've decided I need some protection.Â

The only shield I'll put on, though, is one that's removable so it can come off on cruise nights and poker runs. I'm also going to be very picky about what I put on. Its gotta look as good as possible with the style and lines of the bike.
exactly k9...for now i am fine but when the weather cools back off and the wind is kicking up i am gonna want something to help...

i'm sorry to say man...but no wind or windshield is worth cutting up the headlight bezel.....specially one that dosent follow the lines of the bike at all. There's another post here that showed a picture of one that had quick release brackets and was small and followed the lines of the bike perfectly ....only thing ,cost like 280 or something like that.

Thats definetely the one id go with if and whenever i get one.
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