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We took a very Relaxing ride south this weekend ,down to Wake Forest
Thanks for the invite

Crazytrain, Mary and I Took off Saturday morning and took the county roads down and had a Blast

I Love North Carolina Women !1

Here is a nice Combo shot John is in the Foreground


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Thanks for coming out guy's...
No, no, no. Thank YOU. And yours. :bow: I know it takes a lot of time, effort, $$$ and cleaning up to put on a good show. And that it was... a darned good old time eating, riding, eating, drinking, eating, riding, eating and more eating. And drinking. Did I say eating? And all we had to do was have fun riding to your house, open mouth and insert food. Seriously yummy food! Endless food!!!
Thanks for being the host and hostess with the mostest. Seriously... you guys rock! :beer2: :a18: :yourock:

Here are some G-rated pix...

Man, this guy can cook! :a18: And Yuengling! :beer3:

Good company! :bigthumbsup:

jglass4763 and rynosback shooting the bull...

Skullster looking for chicken strips? :dontknow:

ooink on top of some bar, seeing if the "cleavage" setting on his new Motorola Droid really works... :D

Skullster... always a pleasure to be in your company bro. Good riding with you last weekend!

Good old Tbud... I won't mention what he's mentioning here.

Thanks for the awesome company riding the 700+ miles back and forth rynosback! The crazy fun we shared on the way there and on the way back were almost as fun as the event itself. :D

Tbud... just adding a little junk to her trunk... :evil:

Things started to get a little fuzzy at this point with endless bottles of Patron and Jägermeister and I forgot to take pix.
Yeah, that's the ticket. Man that Patron XO Cafe was some good stuff! :bigthumbsup:

Anyway... I got home and as I was unpacking, I found some event stickers. Thanks Tbud!!! That was an awesome, thoughtful touch and a nice addition to my helmets. :a18:

And a parting night shot... yes, I WILL ride for FOOD! :D

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