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Guys, I left Friday at noon and got back to my door step on Saturday 9pm, 770 miles in less than 48 hrs.
Really enjoyed the ride, a little cold for this time of the year, specially night riding, I'm also very sore and tired as hell so thanks for being Sunday!!8)
We had 7 guys, 4 were 109s, 1 vrod , 1 HD 883 and a 600 GXR.
The speed bike is just too fast to catch on the highway, how fast you ask? you will see it on the video...:eek:

Now WTF is that shadow??

Room mate Charlie

Professional gambler

Jean checking my helmet cam

Charlie and his HD, 13k just in chrome...

Leo..the body guard

I know this 109 belongs to someone in the forum:

One of the many stops I made coming back from Wildwood:

Until next time....LETS ROLL!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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