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Took a nice ride with Junkyard Dog last night and he swears by the resistor kit.  I looked everywhere but where do I order them?

He showed me how the rev's go up in neautral but if he touches the clutch lever slightly the rev's go back down.

When I first rode the bike up in Tennessee a couple of months ago I noted to Lamont that the Clutch lever is moving in and out based on the RPM of the engine.  There must be a sensor or relay in play someplace to do that.

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Re: Where to order the LSD kit?

I noticed the same thing on mine, just installed the JSD on mine today...(awesome mod btw), in nutral, clutch out rpms are higher, pull the clutch in and they go back to normal. Anyone have any ideas on this?....I tried to get a good ground when installing....not sure if this could be part of it or not.
This install was as easy as they come as well....very good instructions.
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