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Me and Curtis went for a ride thought I would put up a few pic-

any one looking to sit on a V8

they were putting this bike together

this bike was at a show and a drunk keep walking buy saying duck. about the third time by they said it an eagle, no duck do you see it

look at just the yellow

don't know if I could ride in one of these

from L.A we ran to Vages

the guy in this vet is a driver :bigthumbsup: you could ride two laps on a road course for $94.00 and they were lined up to ride :eek: he was drifting in the turns all the tires were up in smoke

from there we ran to death valley. It may be hard to see but 3/4 the way up the rock wall there a sign SEA LEAVEL

it may be a low point and 90 out side april 1 but look at the hills there snow. in july it has been 134 - you dont go here in the summer

and if you ever go there be ready to pay for gas - the ride was from $2.85 to $3.35 for premium untill you get here

and when you go for a ride go with a good friend, not a boar

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Dude, you ride more than anyone I know! :bigthumbsup:

I see Rick went too. I agree, he's not a bore! :D
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