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Well I just felt like I had to get into the wind last weekend myself :D I didn't really decide to until SAT evening...to meet up with a group down in NC Diego. I spent a few hours with the beast up on the MC jack just cleaning & checking her over. It was going 2B a surprise visit cause they didn't know that I had planned 2 join them...as it turned out I had a surprise of my own from me!

After finally getting it all together ??? I got out on the road around 0730HR's
I get all the way down the I 15 [about 1/2 mile North] from TEMS. Canyon RD.[Tom's Farms] before I became aware of the horrifying fact that...yes I had forgotten something! Nothing life threating...just my wallet...chain & all:yikes:[Hello! Hello! anybody home?] I thought 2 myself as I got off & on again N bound back 2 the pad...there it was lying on the rollaway drawer where I laid it the night B4 so I could lay down on the garage floor 2 clean the bike unhindered.
Well...I decided 2 go on with me plan anyways..couldn't let a little thing like that stop me...right? Well stopped @ the meeting spot anyway & yup they were long gone..maybe I could still catch up or meet them down the road somewheres. After taking the exit they were going to meet up with SC Diego
riders my hopes of meeting the group were diminishing...But not my riding spirit:doorag: After fueling up I hit the 15 S again to the 8 E{I know my way round SD freeways real good} but all those country backroads...forget it :dontknow: Believing that everything in my life happens 4 a reason I decided to jump off the 8 onto 67 & roll through Ramona & out to the 79. It was there @ that lil mini market/gas station where recalled that I had met one of the forum members in the past that was with another group that day...after holding breath in the porta potty I took the 79 following a group of HD riders...staying just far enough behind them waiting...yeah... 4 that high speed pass! When safe it happened...they were little dots........soon outa sight! It had been a little chilly earlier but had turned out 2B an awesome sunny day...rode 79 up through Temecula & back up the 15 N...stopped off @ TF's 4 some lunch & then back 2 the pad...350.6 miles will do me 4 awhile...like 2 next weekend...lol:bigthumbsup:
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