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Weight Capacity (Limit)

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My sales person whom I was dealing was not well informed. Can anyone tell me what the weight limit is for the " Haya-Cruiser"? I think this Saturday will be my lucky day.
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as per the owner's manual, the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is 565 kg or 1250 lbs. Dry weight of the bike is 694 lbs. Add 5.2 gallons of gas, 3.8 qt of engine oil, 7.1 oz of rear oil, and 2.9 qt of coolant...whatever that adds up to be.
Here is the way I calculated things. I had the same question. The Carrying Capacity is roughly 490 Lbs give or take 5 Lbs.

1 Gallon = 8.33 Lbs (1 gallon of water so this is an estimate)

Dry Weight: 694
Gas Weight: 42.5
Oil Weight: 7.9
Transmission Oil Weight: 1
Coolant: 6.0

Total Weight: 751.4
GVWR: 1250
Carrying Capacity: 498.6 Lbs

I reduced it down to 490 to compensate for the difference between the weight of the liquids. But I would say 490 is a fairly good estimate. http://motorcyclecruiser.com/ Frequently has Wet Weight and GVWR posted on their reviews. But until they get a chance at it 490 is a safe estimate. Geeze that alot of carrying capacity!
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