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Wanted to share my labor day weekend ride.
Day 1 about a 1000 miles into it and got some gas that finished of my fuel filter. Lucky enough to coast to a 2 pump gas station with a dirt drive way and tore it down, flushed the filter out and reassembled it lost about 2 hrs, but still got to Cheyenne, WY the 1st day, about 1250 miles.

It was upper 40's when we left MI. Gotta love heated gear with leathers.
Then it got to 95 in NE had to switch to the mesh gear.

Day 2 down in to CO on some beautiful roads then to Rocky Mountain National Park to an elavation of 12200 ft and back to York, NE.

Day 3 From York, NE back To MI.
Had sunshine every day, just some really harse winds 20-25 mph with 35mph gusts. Winds really killed the mpg, but what an amazing weekend.
And the really impressive thing is that my riding buddy did it on HER Busa.
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