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Hi WA Team,
I haven't seen you folks for so long and looks like many don't post here anymore. Wanted to let you know I traded in the 9, but have a boatload of extra parts and things like:
- Corbin back seat, heated with backrest
- stock back seat
- Grasshopper backrest
- sheepskin seat cover (black)
- Side covers black
- Side covers white
- Black front fenders, two of them
- Black rear cover, two of them
- Tricky air ride (air shock )
- New Allballs wheel bearing rebuild kits front and back
- NEW Gaffer Rear brake cable stainless braided
- Rifle windshield and mounting parts
- Boatloads of other stuff

If there is interest please shoot me a note and I can send pictures. Probably cheap or free for local pickup.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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