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Raising it to the top will help some, try that first and see if it works.

If it doesn't there's an easy fix. Remove the shield leaving the lower mounting brackets in place. Measure how far they are from the headlight bucket. Rotate the lower brackets out about 1 1/2", tighten them down, then bend them back in to the distance you measured. You want them to end up right over top of the chrome bolts on each side of the nacelle.

This tilts the shield up higher in the back and down lower in the front. The 1 1 1/2" is approximate, you can try less and see if it works. If you go too far it moves the shield down too close to the headlight. I had mine about 1/4" off the headlight, the rear about 3" higher than stock, and it worked well.

I later removed the lower brackets and made some mounts that attached it directly into the side of the headlight nacelle, replacing the bolts that are already there.

This is with the lower mounts I made, but you can get it just as high by bending the brackets. Check the distance over the tach.
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