I have an Ebay Clear Vstream knock-off windshield that i purchased in April. Used for approx 3 weeks and unfortunately past the return window. Its in very good condition but as received the metal brackets have a few paint chips missing during the shipping process, very minor. Also when i first installed it i installed the way its recommended by Vstream which is the brackets at the middle section and found that under speed the windshield rubbed on the top of the headlight cowl so there is a very small section that is scuffed on the inside, like a faded pencil line, again very minor and hard to see unless looking inside from an angle. Price above includes shipping within the continental US. Thanks

Installation: Bolt-on. Easy to install
Material: Made of high quality Polycarbonate (PC)
Color: Clear
Dimensions: approx. 22 1/2" x 16 3/4" (H x W)
Thickness: 4.5mm
Package includes:
1 x Windshield WindScreen With 4 x bracket