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Right on, we need to band together as a group, get a thousand or two emails lined up, and let her rip on one of these manufacturers so they hear us loud and clear. Like better looking and CHROMED wheels on the 109 Suzuki !!!

Trogdor said:
And to Mustang to get seats made too...I'm sorry but $499.00 for the front seat by Corbin is a bit extreme...
Ya I'd have to agree 499$ is kind of a big price tag, but on the other note the seat is heated ;) whooooooooo it saved me when I ran into snow and in a hail storm I've got heated seat and heated gloves without them there is no way I'd made it home!!!! Also if a custom seat is needed to make sure you sit closer to the tank or to get your legs closer to the bike I found Corbin was more then happy to make the adjustments. I love the seat and the custom fit made all the difference in the world. I road from NC to Colorado in 2 and a half days and after going over 100 miles my legs would fall asleep and I couldn't feel my pegs and I was in a gel seat!!! Since I got the Corbin I've been able to ride up to 800+ miles in one day without any major issues (pass the fact I'm very very tired) so for me 499$ was a high price but worth every cent. :D sorry just my 2 cents
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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