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Friday Evening I was just getting to 200 miles on my silver 109...and I merged onto Va. Beach Bvld...and I run into this sweet blue 109...I'll withhold his name
but I signaled for us to pull over somewhere so we can chat...about 2 miles up we found an Ice cream spot and we talked for a few...exchanged numbers and
agreed to rip thru the streets about another 20 or so miles...2 109's side by side sound friggen awesome I gotta say....and boy where the heads turning....a couple people rolled thier windows up at the lights :D...I wonder if he noticed.

The other person I know is my mail man...He saw mine in my garage...turned off his mail truck and said WTF is that ? (in a fun way) He was going to buy a used 25k custom bike....He now owns a new black 109...thanks to me ::) , I sent him to Sunrise Cycles in Norfolk to talk to Mr. Ford and he hooked him up 3 days and a wake-up later.

Here's hoping 109 Va residents respond soon...summer is almost here , there will be other brand riders joining in..but we would really like to get something going
here in Hampton Roads for the 109 owners...

If you'd like to contact me...email at [email protected] I will certainly get back to you...I got some fun ideas brewing....a BBQ at my house and an evening ride
for example.

We are not crazy...wheelie popping , 0-100 at every light guys ....just want to network and have clean fun thats all.

And if you have something else...your also welcomed , but you have to be purchasing one within 30 days..lol ;) jus kidding !

Contact me now !

Dave in Va.
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