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I just talked to JR. We thought it would be a good idea to try and draw everything together to make it easier for folks to figure out what to do.

Friday -Noon

We are meeting at the new Harley Dealership-Destination Daytona which is right off of I-95 in Ormand Beach. Its a huge place with lots of signs. If you get lost we may revoke your motorcycle privileges. We will hang out here for a while and check it out and decide where to go from there.Â


Get together for breakfast over by Hiway 92 by the Daytona Speedway. How does the Cracker Barrell sound? Its right there by the Speedway.

Saturday 9AM

The plan is to get to the Deland Drag Strip around 9AM and see who wants to run their bike down the track.

The track is just off Hiway 92 about 15 miles from the Daytona Speedway. Its on the right as you start to come into Deland from the east.

If you need a map use this address for the Deland Airport:

Deland Municipal Airport
1777 Langley Ave
Deland, Florida

Saturday at Noon

Direct Line Parts is providing lunch for any M109 Riders at the Sonnys BBQ on Dunlawton just east of Interstate 95 in the Home Depot parking lot. This is about 2 exits south of the Speedway exit.

The actual address for this Sonny's is:

Sonny's BBQ
1515 Dunlawton Ave
Port Orange, Fl

Everyone is invited to come by and if you can that will be great. If not, then we hope we bump into you somewhere in Daytona.

If you have never been to Daytona then I am sure that some of the veterans can share the good areas to go to. At night the traffic gets really heavy over on the Beach area by Main street. Please drive carefully. We want everyone to have a good time.

I always make it a point to go down on Main Street as early as possible and check out the vendors and displays up there.

I try to get to the Speedway to check out the displays there and you can usually pull right in and park in front of the Speedway.

And on Saturday afternoon I try to get to the Rats Hole custom Bike Show that is held in the Lagoon over on the oceanside in Daytona.

Do your own thing but there is more to do than you will be able to get to in just two days.

We will see you there.

Here are some links that may help some of you:



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wildwolf said:
What's the temp/weather like for the one in March?

...bah, who am I kidding, I think I'd have more vacation saved up for an October ride next year.
Generally the weather in March is FREAKIN AWASOME. Highs in the seventies to low eightes lows in the sixties (knock on wood). Prolly why they hold it then. :bigthumbsup:
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