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:D Hi,,,

Got my M109 13th of June. I saw the bike in an add first time and I just thought: That bike is me,, :bigthumbsup:, and I found a dealer close by that had the fastest color: Silverbullet :D :evil: :D

Was rusty since 10+ years back. I've had 6 bikes before from 125cc 2 stroke to a couple of 1100.

First days,,Geeezz that twitchy throttle was about to get my neck out of line :D
I thought, a U-turn and a twitch and I'm eating dirt, but the more I rode the more I just discovered how well balanced the bike is.
Now a month down the road , my hand has got used to the twitch and everything is smooth and I just love the ride of this bike. Still doing break in,,hitting 600 miles.
No bigger hic-ups with mine so far. Haven't done any longer trips ,yet.
Going to mod and this site is so helpful thanx to you guys. :bigthumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts