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Reading through all this it sounds like heat is compromising an electrical connection somewhere. It could be where a ground wire is secured or where a wire is crimped in a connector. That bridge connector under the tank sounds suspect as that would definitely be a warm spot, but the signal relay is behind the motor and will get hot too and is in a location that is easier to touch when messing with other wires. Finding a loose screw securing a wire would be the ideal potential solution, but I would check every crimp in the turn signal wiring for loose, frayed, wire at the connectors. Also check the connectors that the blades on the signal relay slide into to make sure they haven't slipped out of location and that they make a sure connection. And don't forget the switch, its part of the circuitry too.

Just thought of another question for you. Are the turn signals failing during use or do you just notice they don't work after riding a while? Activating the circuit will cause wires, connectors, and switches to warm up.
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