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I have a 2010 C109RT. Its my second Bully, I also own a 2012 C50. I bought the bigger bike for mountain rides with my wife. The 800 is a touch too small for some of the hills.
Anyway, after finding this forum, and reading up on the quirks of the 109, i decided i would start making it my own. I've always considered a stock machine a more desirable product for resale purposes, but enough is enough. This ones mine, and for a long time!
My 109 has always had the surging in 1st and 2nd gear. Its was to the point where as much as i like the bike, i'd get rid of it if something else came up. So i ordered the ATRE from G-Man. Its the cheapest, fastest fix for this issue.
It arrived yesterday, and after about 5 mins of installation time (most of which was cleaning dust off the plugs!) i took it out for a spin. The result was, well, wow. As some of you probably know already, all surging is gone. The bike has more throttle response (there is a warning on the instructions, it's there for a reason!) and behaves and shifts like the 800. Hit the shift at the recommended speeds and its seamless. I cant say enough about it.
The service and delivery from Gman were great btw, even coming north of the border.
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