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Just put on a more radical shaped windshield about a week ago that should have moved more air away from me. Its a Long Ride Shield, really well made, thick, solid no quality complaints about the way its made. I got a ten inch because thats the largest they make in the xtreme line.

Well I'm gong back to the more traditional shape windshield, not because the extreme line has curves I dont like or doesn't look good, it looks great and works fine to a point. It still allows more air to hit me, not much more than the standard windshield I had but still a bit more.

The fact that its 2 inches smaller and still did a good job in wind deflection needs to be noted, but it wasnt what I was looking for. At 110mph and up it starts to really deflect that wind but I dont plan on riding 110 plus all the time. I wanted more protection with a clear view over the shield for every day riding, It didnt happen.

Still, kudos to Long Ride Shield for a good windscreen but for me it would have been better if it were taller, even if I have to look through the screen.

I already ordered the Ultra Recurve from Long Ride which has the more traditional shape but is 2 inches taller. Winter is around the corner and I want more protection from the wind.

The first pic is the ultra which should be here by Friday and the second and third are the xtreme shields. My signiture pic still has the plain-ol traditional windshield. The first 3 pics are from their websight.

Fourth pic offers great wind protection but .... somehow its just not the same as a 9. :doorag:
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