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Welcome home for all the ones who are out now

if you still in watch your 6 and get home safely

everyone ones have a good holiday

Don't for get to think a Veteran if not for them we would not have the freedom to do what we do.

US Army Special Forces

I never served in the military. I was at the age just after Vietnam. Always honored Veterans as my Father and Father in Law are and were both Veterans. Where I live, small town, we lost our first resident in the Gulph War three weeks ago. It really is amazing how you can read about how many have lost their lives, yet when it is close to home, or closer, how it hits you. Thank you to all who served, are serving, and to all who are thinking of serving. It is a most honorable thing to do. For those who have given their lives, we pause to remember and honor them.

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We helped put a flag on every grave here in Marietta GA this AM with the kids (Cub scouts) and taught them to respect the sacrifices others have made, and still make every day so we can liv the way we do.

Thank you all!


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I returned from Ramadi, Iraq in January. It's so great to be home again with family and friends. More importantly, it's great that the time spent with them can still be done in freedom. However, the feeling is bittersweet as not all of our brothers were able to share in this joy. I'd like to take a moment on this special day to remember, honor, and praise those who were in or attached to our unit that made the ultimate sacrifice:

SSG Jens Schelbert
SPC Matthew Bohling
SSG Daniel Arnold
PFC Andrew Bedard
Lance Corporal Sergio Escaban
SSG Brandon Sneed
SGT Leon Johnson
SSG Jason Benford
SSG George Pugliese
SGT Pierre Raymond
SPC Eric Slebodnik
SPC Oliver Brown
SPC Lee Wiegand
SSG Vincent Summers
SPC Richard Hardy
SPC Thomas Byrd
SSG Daniel Lightner
SPC Jeffery Corban
SPC Timothy Watkins
Lance Corporal Jonathan Spears

Know that we will always love you and that you'll never be forgotten.

p.s. mercury, i wear the wigwags as well. good to see another signaleer!
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