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Went to Seattle waterfront today and on the way back stopped at ma zook shop, They just got this one in, It is a 2005!!! Economy really sucks here, They have it down to $21,000 $32,000 when it was new. I sat on it today and the seat is a little narrow and it has a ridge right down the center so your butt doesn't slide sideways LOL, Not really for me, but what a gourgeous paintjob. These photos don't do it justice. The brown part is really dark , like rootbeer color, Big flakes in it. They have a nidnight blye one also.Love the rims, not sure of the brand, They didn't know either.

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Thunder Mountain customs are from Colorado. Harley funded their company to sell theirs bikes inside any HD shop they wanted. They lost their AZZ when they signed with the devil. I think they have gone out of business by now. They really are not worth a chit, but much better then any HD on the market. I would not buy it. The money is better spent on an Arlen Ness custom for about the same $ (used)
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