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I am going to see the 2017 in the video I posted. Unless there is something obviously not right with it, I will be bringing her home. I have a couple of questions.

Is there a place to get a matte black derky cover that matches the engine? I don't want graphics or milled script. The one on it is out of place. I assume the one on the right side is just held on with double sided tape.

I don't care much for engine guards and will remove them along with the speakers. Once they are gone, I assume I can flip the spike intake back around. Are replacement filters easy to find for this intake? Is there a concern for water getting in the intake if you ride in the rain?

Anything in particular I should look for when I test ride?
I had the stock derby cover powder coated with black anthracite in satin finish, and also the bolts that hold it on. Matches the engine pretty good and looks stock. Only cost about $15 to do and cheaper than the ebay covers.

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to flip the filter to point forward, that's the way they were designed anyway.
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