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Got a question im wanting to purchase a swingarm for my 10" rim and 300 tire. I checked the previous posts on the forums but was only able to fine swingarms from dlp and cyclehouse. is there any place else you can get this product. dlp has a 4 mounth wait:eek:. i can start eating beer cans and crap one out one out in 4 mounths. any ideas? thanks

Yea I odered mine 1st of may they told me 3 -4 weeks then just got an email today saying they are going to be done in a week plus shipping to them then to the chrome/powder back to them then ship to me!! I'm looking at another 4 weeks till I get this email again.... 6/9/10 I recieved pretty much this samething... If someone else made a round tube arm I'd be all over it... Best of luck!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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