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Hello All! I am new to this group and the proud new owner of a Silver M109R. I am having the time of my life on this bike. I also have a sportbike, but since getting the 109, it has been collecting dust in the garage. Now, on to my issue:

I have a grand total of 350 miles on the bike. I took it on a 260 mile ride yesterday trying to get thorugh my break-in period. It was a typical HOT Altlanta Day. I wasn't until I was nearly home wghen my Speedo started twitching. I would be doing 60 mph and the speedo started flinching between 50 and 90. It wasn't very rapid, but it did make it difficult to figure out how fast I was really going...and with this bike, it's very easy to go fast! It would not twitch when I was going slowly or decelerating, but would start doing it at around 40mph. I rode it this morning to breakfast and there was no problem.

Here are my questions: Has anyone seen this already? Do you think it was because of the prolonged ride in the heat? I did get some areas of stop ang go traffic during the prime heat of the day. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank all....I can't wait to get this thing broken in!

:joke: Dan

Yep,do a search and you'll see ..I'm one(of a few) who has had this problem and still do...dealer has no clue.I also have noticed ,,when the bike sets out in the sun,hot day,,is when it will start acting up....again,,dealer says oh well,,and is still a problem...talked to 2 other stealers,,they so far,,say the same...no clue...I'm gonna wait for it to completely quit and then hope its still under warranty... or a recall at some point. 

Also call suzuki direct and lodge a complaint,,at some point they may decide to look into it..
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