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Well the Freedom Fest bike rally at Snowshoe, W.V. was a blast!


It rained for 2 days straight during the rally but I think it ended well.

We left from Raleigh, NC on Wednesday and arrived just in time for hot wings and beer some 12 hours later (we were in no hurry). We awoke with nothing but RAIN, RAIN, RAIN on Thursday and some of the bike riding events were cancelled due to flooding. But the biker build-off had a shotgun start (pictures to come). Friday started off with more rain but we still hit the road with closed to 50 bikes for the 220 mile tour-de-mountains at 09:30am.

My Burple M109R was the only one on the mountain and it got plenty of looks and questions. I spent more than an hour talking to folks about the bike. A lot of interest from everyone.

By the end of the 220 miler, it had cleared to a nice sunny day and we all returned to Snowshoe for more fun and games. Heather (aka Hellcat) arrived on her Silver M109R and we parked them side by side in the middle of the square. More looks and questions from folks arriving for the weekend.

Saturday started off with more rain on the mountain but quickly cleared off. We all topped off fuel at the base of Showshoe and the ladies were amazed at Heather riding that monster M109. The ladies like this bike folks!!! We started our ride back to N.C. with a train of 5 bikes and 1 support vehicle. A friend with a Fat Boy joined us for the trip back. The guy rode 30 miles on the bike with no hands, all laid back like it was a Lazyboy recliner. He was cracking us up..

We really had a GREAT time on this trip. As for the M109R, it did great as well.


The bike did great. Handling (both wet and dry) was rock solid stable. Power delivery in the up and down mountain twisties was great. I was running in 4th and 5th while the other bikes were downshifting into 2nd and 3rd. Love the torque! Gas mileage was excellent. Some folks were having to stop for fuel after just a 120 miles. I hadn't lost a single bar at 120. Once I pushed it to 183 miles before refueling with an average speed of about 60 mph. I topped off with 3.8 gallons added so I still had more than a gallon of fuel left. So I'm sure I could have gotten to at least 220 miles before she would have complained.


1- This bike throws a monster rooster tail in the rain. Folks behind me were telling me it was flying 20+ feet into the air. I think some folks behind me got wetter than they wanted to be. The bike was filty after the 220 miler and I had to wash it twice to get all the dirt off. My wife got road grime all up the back of her leather jacket and rain pants. It was fairly significant. I guess this is what we get for showing off that FAT tire.

2- My wife did not find the passenger seat to be comfortable at all. She complained about it the entire trip. Gonna have to make a custom seat for long trips.

3- Throttle management (or lack of) in the mountains was interesting. This bike has three (3) modes of travel.
a- No throttle, the front wants to dive from engine compression.
b- Off idle throttle, the bike wants to run over the Harley that's 4 seconds ahead in the line.
c- More throttle, the bike wanted to haul azz...

This bike does NOT like to run 55-60 mph! At this speed, which was the speed of the entire bike train. I was going from no throttle to off idle the whole time. This was pissing my wife off because she was getting whiplash from it. So if your in a large group of bikes and they are observing the 2 second rule between bikes. It can test your throttle management abilities if the group is running between 55-60 mph. Once we thinned out some and folks were going to different site seeing locations, the group got into the 60+ mph range and the bike was loving it.
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