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The plate mount and the blinkers I bought at the Suzuki dealer. The mount was a rip off, but I did not care because it was designed to work with those blinkers. The mount was $50 for basically a piece of bent metal with some holes drilled in it.

It was not too hard to perform. You have to remove the seat, the cowl, and then the whole plastic plate/blinker thing before you actually cut into it. I just sliced that piece along the edge where the cowl meets. Then lined up the plate mount, and drilled a few holes in the plastic piece, put that back on the bike and fitted everything before screwing it all back together.

The only thing I have not finished is the plate lights that illuminate the plate at night. They make little screw lights that a are tiny bulbs that take the place of the top screws for the plate. Still gotta get those.

For the front blinkers I had to get creative, because the holes for the old blinkers were way too big for the aftermarket blinker design. I took the stalk from the old blinkers and shaved off some of the rubber on the stalk, and then slid the new blinker around that rubber and it worked out nicely.

The only issue so far is that the blinkers flash at twice the rate of the stock ones. Not sure how to solve that but it is really no big deal. These little LED blinkers are BRIGHT!

And the clear lenses on them look great I think.
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