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So, people will be heading to the Vegas meeting from a number of different directions. They will be passing through states that they've never been in before. Maybe members from Nevada and surrounding states can recommend routing that offers up better roads and scenery than the interstates?

I'll be riding from Vancouver, BC through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Nevada. It's a little out of my way for Utah but I've never been there before. People from Edmonton are doing a straight shot south through Idaho, Utah, and Nevada.For some, the interstate will be the only way to do the trip in the time they have, but I plan on taking a week each way (back home will be California, Oregon, and Washington). I'll only use the Interstates if there are no good roads or I'm running late because of weather.

When I cut the northeast corner of Oregon, I'd like to make a Hell's Canyon side trip. I'll clip the corner of Nevada so that I pass the Bonneville Salt Flats on my way to Salt Lake City. From there I'll head south and hopefully meet up with the Aussies in the Bryce Canyon area before hitting Vegas.

Any suggestions for roads, especially if they don't take one too far off of the intended route would be very useful to me and probably to others. I found this website that lists some nice roads but I'm sure that you guys can put routes together and tell us what we should avoid as well as see.



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