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problem with mounting the side plate into the axel with an expansion bolt is that while it holds it in the axel, it doesn't keep it from spinning. i figured out a solution. when you buy the expansion bolts, buy 2 of them (5/8" x 6" parasleeve masonry bolt from Lowe's). i also used 2 rubber washers, and a larger rubber O-ring with this.

1. take the expansion bolts completely apart. grab the 2 smallest sleeves, and one of the expansion sleeves and put all 3 on 1 bolt.
2. put some blue loctite on the end where the nuts go on. screw on one nut, and slide the bolt into the axel.
3. the first nut fits perfectly into the outer hexagonal part of the axel! this is what makes it impossible for the plate mount to spin.
4. with vice grip pliers, turn the expansion bolt until it becomes tight.
*optional* put the larger rubber o-ring around the outside of the axel.
5. glue the 2 rubber washers on either side of the plate mount on the hole. put on the metal washers that came with the bolts over them, and put them on to the bolt.
6. put some more blue loctite on the threads, and spin on the 2nd nut.
7. tighten the nut as tight as you can. this nut tightens *against* the other nut that is already on, making a very strong bind, with some vibration dampening. let the locktite cure.
8. the plate no longer relies on the expansion bolt to keep it from spinning. the hex housing against the hex bolt makes it impossible for the entire assembly to rotate.

you can put any plate mount in there you want. i found this particular one at...

i cut a couple of inches off to keep it tight into the hub.

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went ahead and followed your idea. bought the side mount but when I went to Lowes they did not have the parasleeve kind of expansion bolts.

Is parasleeve a brand?
there are wedged and sleeved expansion bolts but they never heard about a parasleeved expansion bolt.
according to your writings each bolt comes with two small sleeves and an expansion sleeve.

none of the bolts I saw came with 2 sleeves

can you help me verify this?

thank you :bigthumbsup:
Luis M

I have one with two sleeves brand new never used. Send me your address and you can have it. I was going to do this mod to my bike and then changed to mounting mine to the shock bolt. PM me your address and I'll drop it in the mail tomorrow for you.
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