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I had a good conversation with Chris today from Low&Mean and he said that they had over 30 respond to the shroud design and he was happy with the respond from the M90 riders. They will be willing to design a shroud like the M109 but it will still be one or two months aways,
Chris is still looking for a M90 bike in the area and if he doesn't locate one in the area soon I will be taking my bike there for 5 to 6 weeks for the shroud and air intake.

Looking for respond from the M90 riders who has expressed interest or would be interested in purchasing a Shroud similar to the M190, I have talked with Chris from Low And Mean about designing and creating a shroud for the M90 riders, but Chris from Low And Mean said that they need at least 25 or more riders to send him an email about the interest in purchasing the shroud if one is created similar to the M109 shroud.

I will also be sending Chris a photo of the M109 shroud and also of the shroud that was created for the M90 today. Chris will design the shroud and send me a copy of what it will look like and for me to share it with other M90 riders to agree on before going into production. They will have my bike for at least 2 mos. to complete this project.

Please send your email to Chris if you are interested, the ball is in our court now.

Email Chris at [email protected]
Subject: M90 shroud design

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