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Bikes torn apart at shop. Waiting for chrome from Jerry. Thought I'd share some pics.

She's naked now, but hopefully will look beautiful once again when she has her jewelry back on. And here's a couple of pics of our "pet" turkey who thought he'd stop by again this year. Looks like his beard's a little bigger.


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Glad to see someone else had there bike stripped down at least almost as far as mine was.

I was down to frame, motor and main elctronics for a while there. She is making her way back together now as parts get finished.

I feels so good to be taking step toward looking like a bike again, instead of a collection of parts in my garage.

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reassurance welcome

When I made 1st trip to shop to pick up parts to send and saw my ride I did get a really sick feeling. "Gee Tom, what have you gotten yourself into" I asked myself. Can my boys get this thing back together? Will I be able to hop on my sweet ride and sail once again? It's taking foreverrrrrrrrrrrr! Anyway, any and all reassurance is most welcome and appreciated because at this point, it's tough having faith, baby. After seeing Crazy's seat (Hey Crazy!) I got the itch to have my stock seat done special and I just can't decide on a design. Looks like Baldy does some nice work if I can just decide on another look other than my custom corbin that I already have

Coming soon:

RIS chrome diamond grips, front & rear pegs
Yanashiki chrome medieval levers & kickstand
RC Component VEGA wheels std front / 18x10 rear w/ Metzler 280
Galfer rotors all around
New triple chrome front calipers
RIS chrome grill
Low & Mean chrome chin spoiler
Gipro TRE w/shift indicator
Custom "Venom" Speedo & Tach face
V-Stream Sport tint windshield
Custom derby cover by Shayne (Chromed)
RIS chrome fork, spanner & axil spikes-front & rear
Chrome tank spike
Chrome rear fender spikes

Chromed parts from liquid pain:
Upper & lower front fork
Triple trees
Gas cap
Front & rear footrest brackets
Swing arm
Clutch perch
Master cylinder & top
Switch housing
Rear caliper brackets
Rear caliper
Rear hub

I hope I didn't miss anything. LED lights? Well, maybe for the derby cover, but anything else will have to wait. I'm stressed enough as it is! Thanks to all you guys and gals cause that's where I got all the ideas! One last thing, like I told Sue today, if I hear one more motorcyle go whizzing past my house while mine is in it's hosipital bed.......$gnadrvme%^_)*)(*&&*%%fffnts!!
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