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G'Day all from down under ( aust )I'm new to forums and computers too so please be easy on me . Is there a service manual I can down load or look at for my m109r 2009 . I tried the FAQ search for rear wheel removal but it did not understand me .. thanks Butch

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• Remove the brake caliper bracket mounting bolt.
• Remove the cotter pin
• Hold the rear axle with the special tool and remove the axle

Hexagon socket
• Raise the rear wheel off the ground and support the motorcycle with a jack or wooden block.
• Draw out the rear axle and coller.
• Remove the rear wheel.

Do not operate the brake pedal while removing the caliper.
You can find the special tool for removal here:

Q: Where can I get a service manual?
A: In book form, DLP. PDF form here:


Both right from the frequently asked questions thread. Link is in my signature.
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