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I must say search botton works AWESOME.
Just searched ( how to change tack face plate) and BAM!

Here goes guys haven`t done a how to yet so I`m gonna give it a shot. This I think was easer than the speedo. I`ll start after I get the speedo off of the bike.

First i removed 3 screws and that will alow the tack to seperate. Next there are 6 screws around the out side edge, take those out and then remove the tack, (be careful there is a o ring type seal that sets in a grove you don`t want to break it, now you will be able to remove the stock face plate or what i did was I simpoly put my new face plate over the stock one. then simpoly reverse and put it all back together!! Sorry I have no idea how you guys do this with the pic. but pics are in the order that i did it. Hope this helps you guys out!!
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