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If anyone knows somebody in the area, i have a bike that will look nicely customized once fixed.

I bought my bike in June in Michigan, and started riding it before i even knew how to drive it, i droped it twice the first week i had it, once on each side. Both times i was turning and going less than 10 miles per hour. I have since ridden it on michigan roads, for 3000 miles, there is nothing wrong with the function of the bike....

But there is deep dents and scratches on the gas tank
scratches on the headlight cowl, - and airfilters- both should be replaced
the exhaust is scratched a little, could almost be buffed out
Front headlights need to be replaced
-this is the main stuff, there are little scratches on the forks and brake peddle and such

I am sorry i dont have pics,(i just moved to cali, dont really have anyone i can ask for a camera, and i dont have one) that is why i am posting it under this local section, cause if anyone is interested im just north of Laguna, they can come look at it themself

My plan was to replace all the parts with custom parts, i was going to change everything anyways, except the gas tank..... But i got out here, i dont know the roads, and they are alot more bizzare and dangerous than michigan roads, i just would rather sell this beast and keep my life for a little bit.

Also i would be willing to take less but, i posted on another site for 7000 and people are showing interest, so i would rather not lose more money then i have to, but i am open to offers.

Again its in Laguna Beach and my email is [email protected]
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