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ok, just put the scorpio on minus the ignition disable. i like it a lot. it's small, light, and relatively easy to hook up. i especially like the perimeter sensor and the pager.

i'm sure a wiring harness specifically for the 109 will come out, but until then i've used the generic wiring kit. through trial and error, i figured out which wires are which...the m109 has different wiring than listed for other suzukis. ended up being:

ground: black w/ white stripe
tail: grey
left turn: black
right turn: light blue

here's a pic of the install locations...

1) is the location of the main unit.
2) is where i put the perimeter sensor. it's got 360 vis all around when on side stand
3) the place where the T connectors splice into the rear turn signal/brake light

here's a better pic of the main alarm module placement, with the body removed...

...it is velcroed into position. i also put some foam around it to keep it from vibrating against the body.
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