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Hey Guys...I was talking to some of the other bikers I've met from the Austin area (non-M109Rs) about doing a bike run to Schlitterbahn. With the heat lately, it would be a kick azz way to ride down...cool off and make a short ride back. And the scenery there aint bad neither! :eek:

I just went last Monday and the lines where next to nothing on a weekday. It's like $38 normally but after 3pm it's like $28 plus you can get coupons @ Taco Bell for like $3 off too. We got there right about 3pm when day was starting to cool off and the morning folks were leaving freeing up parking in front too. If ya do it on weekends during Summer times ya just end up baking in the sun in line waiting between rides. The park is open until like 8pm so that's still like 5 hrs worth of water time.

I'll post the link and anyone interested let me know. Looking at going to the one in New Braunfels

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