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You never said this bike was this good.when I picked it up yesterday after driving .350 my back was hurtin me.Then I get their and I had to pay 1200 more cuz I did not get quote in writing.Who do you believe me or a salesman who cant spell Joe.WTF.I jut put it on my trailer and went back home.Today I road 157 miles to noware,I could not believe me eye's how wounderfull this bike is.Power to spare,sound is awesome at idle,when crusin about 10 in the parking lot everybody look's an in awe,even a dude on a STX had to remove his shades to see this bad boy. A guy in a truck flaged me down to ask what it was. Lamont you sold 1000 of Valkyries with that site and honda gave you squat.I think Suzuki should give you something.Thanks again Lamont
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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