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Picked up my Silver M109R in Prescott AZ (they wanted to make a deal NOT at MSRP) and drove it home in spite of the red flag wind conditions between Prescott and Mesa.

WHAT A BIKE. I have a bit over 400 miles on it already, and I love it. Did the ride to Globe and back, and am looking for some other good rides. I have a friend with a VTX 1300 that is a fairly new rider, so riding with him helps me remember what I should be concentrating on. That garbage someone was spewing in a review of getting the bike to turn is ludicris. I had no problems bringing the bike over on that nice 240....

Silver is the fastest color. I can't wait for the hard body color bags, and maybe that chrome shaft cover. Great site, I joined it the day before I bought the bike.

Oh, and if the nice gentleman from Mesa that I met at the dealership that wanted my silver one, there is one at Town adn Country.

Damn, these things are begining to swarm like mequitoes all across the country. Just kidding. Congratulations, enjoy many days of riding and reading.

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