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Hey guys, a couple of mates and I are going out to Queensland Raceway this Sunday 6th June to watch the Aussie Superbikes.

We are leaving the Northbound Caboolture BP at 8.30am and going the back way through Kilcoy and Summerset/Esk to get there. I'm hoping to get there around 10.30/11.00 with a few stops for a stretch/ciggie so will be a nice cruizing stroll through the countryside. There will be a few quick riders with us so feel free to go for a quick squirt with them if you want LOL. However, if you just wanna hang back and just chill out...you wont be alone as I will be hanging back with the missus (she is on her L's).

Should be a great day and will cost you $35 entry to QR. I'm thinking of coming home through the Clem 7 for something different haha but will see what everyone else thinks on the day.

Anyone and everyone is welcome, so, if ya interested, meet us at the Caboolture northbound BP at 8.15am for an 8.30am scoot.

QR gates open at 9am so feel free to meet us there if you are from the south or the west.

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