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That sounded like an awful heavy tapping for a valve. Plus they tend to tighten as they get more miles on them, not looser. At least that has been the experience of the few on here that have adjusted them. Mine is just short of 40,000 miles and they've never been touched. I really hope it is something that simple, but at least they can have a good look at it while they are in there.
Same here, mine's about 300 miles away from 40,000. Valves never been touched. Still nice and quiet. My experience with using Marvel Mystery Oil in the gas, at around one ounce per gallon, is it does the valves a YUGE favor. I had a 1981 Honda CBX (owned it 16 years), used MMO religiously every tank, even on long trips. At 60,000 miles, one of the 24 valves needed to be adjusted by one shim size. Bike had around 10,000 when I bought it. I use the MMO in all three of my bikes, and all three of my cages. My 98 Ranger (bought it with 10,000 on it in Jan. 2000) has never had to have a valve job, going on 183,000 miles.

My Nine rattles a little at idle. Up the idle speed to 1100, it no longer does. Pull in the clutch lever, it gets quiet.
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