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Anyone experience a rattle noise from the exhaust SET valve actuator spring when revving the engine or accelerating/decelerating?

At first, I thought it was a rattle noise as a result of a loose heat shield - but all were tight. I found the rattle to be the SET valve actuator spring by causing vibration on the pipes by tapping on the lower exhaust with my hand.

Everything seems to be OK in regards to the actuator cables, spring, etc. - not sure what to do to prevent the spring from rattling due to vibration from the engine.

But it drives me crazy ... rattles on bikes, in cars, etc. always drive me crazy.

Anyone experience this and/or have some suggestions?

+1 for me too. I got the dealer to have a look and he suggested trying to find a replacement spring. The SET valve unit is non-serviceable and hence the spring is not a purchasable item. ::) I was tempted to say to him: if Suzuki don't sell it, then it wasn't meant to fail, hence you should replace the whole unit under warranty. :dontknow: :D
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