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hi guys,went to madera fair grounds bike show today to see all the harleys and other bikes there, when we got they were giving free dynos so I had my tested after 3 other m109s,they had the power commander k&n filters and cobra pipes .When they dyno'dthem they came in at 105,6 and 104.7 the one that had the baffles drilled out and the 8 holes in the tail pipes and a TRE and K&n filters came in at 109.7,then came my turn completely stock just the K&N filters and my cheap Ebay TRE came in @ 113.38 hp and 160mph top speed they didn't have it set for the troque ft lbs so anyway I got to be king of the hill today ha ha was alot of fun. Thanks for reading:hot::hot:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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