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Stopped and visited with a friend of mine who just returned from Texas. He bought a new Harley Street Bob with the Twin Cam 88. He's a chrome freak and added tons of goodies. One thing he installed was a HD Quick Mount Windshield. This shield is really slick...it has four quick locking clamps that attach to the upper fork tubes. When you unclasp the mounts you simply pull the unit from the tubes.....nothing remains mounted to the tubes/bike.

I'm going to mic the tubes on his bike and my 109 and see how close the diameters are. I think that with a little massaging this shield would work on the Zuki. I'm going to also get the model # as this is a Harley stocked item. I haven't asked what he paid for it but I'll find out. I'll bet it's not cheap.

Another thing I noticed is that there is up to 4 inches of travel on the top portion of the tubes.....with that kind of adjustment a 6 foot+ rider could get the shield high enough to stop helmet buffeting! As things move forward on this I'll update this post!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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