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If you could change the headlight on the 109 to one that is more common, would you?

poll on headlight

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Just wondering what other people think about the headlight remember, you have to be logged in to vote
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Can you edit the pole to add a 3rd option such as: "Depends on how good it looks once someone does it."

At first, I was thrown off by it, but after a few more visites to Zuki's website, it grew on me. Once I saw the bike in person, I could see how everything together on the bike flows from front to back. This bike looks like it's moving even when it's on the stand.
There you go, I added your third option.
the headlight is one of the parts i love. i want a futuristic looking bike, not a retro harley knockoff.
It's weird that almost everyone either doesn't like it or isn't sure about it at first. But you seem to get used to it and even like it after a while. I love my Fugly Headlight :D :D
Don't know how hard it would be to change, but I've always like the look of the VTX headlight. I think the eybrow and the shape of it would go very well with the shape of the bike.
BlkM109r said:
Don't know how hard it would be to change, but I've always like the look of the VTX headlight. I think the eybrow and the shape of it would go very well with the shape of the bike.
Thats kinda what I was thinking. The vtx has a good looking light. Guess we'll just see if someone out there tackles it and wait for the results.
That to me was one of the cons before I bought it. I need some more time to decide. I think it will grow on me though. Part of what bothers me is that the front turn signals dont match the flow of the headlight.
LOVE the front headlight!

And I love that a lot of other people hate it, if that makes any sense. :confused:
I did not like it when I first laid eyes on the bike, but it really does grow on you.
LOVE IT! It's part of the bike design flow! Duh! 8)
I think my first reaction was change the fender and change the headlight cowl to look like a cruiser but now I'm thinking why make it look like every other cruiser out there. I think it looks pretty good the way it is, just needs a little cleaning up. :D
No way boys!!!! That cowl and light is what gives it the fast & sexy look. Like Lamonster said - why make it look like every other cruiser. I must admit that the VTX head light is nice BUT on a VTX and not an M109R.

The M109Wannabee :D
I hate to tell you this boys but the VTX had this cowl long before the 109. If anything, Suzuki liked it so much on the X that they made it a stock part on the 109. ;)

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I am not sure if the lines of the bike would continue to flow if the headlight was swapped out. Although, I would love to see someone do it.
Well I have to admit,,it was the first thing and only thing I wasnt to keen on,,but its startin to grow on me....Actaully,,last night,,went for a ride with my 2 harley friends,,another harley guy pulled up next to us at a light,,said ,,"thats things bitchin,,what the hell is it"and ,,I like the headlight ,,better than a windshield,,and a windshield wouldnt look right" on my bike... :D
It is not the best part of the bike, but it part of what makes this the best bike!
Not a fan originally of the headlight cowl, but now I know it will look good to me once I paint the chrome piece to match... :bigthumbsup:
I think a regular headlight like from a C90 or VTX is better so you can add a fairing or different kinds of windshields. Nothing out there is grabbing me right now. I'm living with the nacelle for now but as soon as I can afford it........ :D
Hey, I like the whole appearance of the bike. It just flows together in a "Cruzin while sittin still " kind of way. I don't like the couple of textured black plastic parts that I got polish on and now have a white stain on them. I want to replace them with metal. The only part that looks out of place is the vertical black metal piece on both sides just beside the passenger foot peg. I will do something to change this. And I am thinking about lowering the seat (if it is comfortable) to do so. JOHN

3500 miles and still luvin it.
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