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Sorry to interupt the forum with such a stipid request, but i cant find
the search for posting pics.:dontknow: please point me in the right direction

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(from Hinks FAQ)

>>>...Q: How do I post big pictures, on a thread?
When you are typing a reply, you will need the internet address for a pic to make larger.

To get this from a pic on a website:
Right click on the pic, scroll down to properties. A box will pop up. In the middle of the box, you will have something called "address (url)" with a "www....." following it. Highlight this address, right click, select copy.

To get this from an online album ( such as m109riders album):
Click "User CP" from the menu up top
Select "Picture and albums" from the menu on the left
Click on one of your albums or make one
Click on a pic in your album or upload one
When looking at the pic, below the pic is the "www" address, highlight and copy this address.

Now go to your post.....
With the cursor blinking in the box, click on the yellow box with the mountain in the box. (its in between the globe and the quotation box) A little box will pop up. Delete the "http" that automatically pops up in the text box, now paste your image address in that box and hit ok. Your image should pop up.

Another way you can post an image from an online album
Go to your picture you want to post.
Below the pic is the "www" address and an "IMG" a.ddress.
If you copy the "IMG" address, you can paste this straight in the thread you are typing.

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Jack, when you post a thread, below the "Submit Reply" button, there's a section that read:

Attach Files
Valid file extensions: doc gif jpeg jpg pdf txt

Click the "Manage Attachments" button and it'll ask you where you want to upload images from. For example, I keep all my pictures in my "My Documents" folder, so I'll scroll through "My Documents, and select the picture I'd like to post

Upload File from your Computer

Click Browse, select the picture(s) you want to post, then select "Upload"

If it uploads, it'll have a list of successfully uploaded pics. They won't actually show the pictures until you sumbit your reply.

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