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Just finished my plate mod. Similar to a lot here. I tried Kuryakyn LED Plate Bolts. 1 out of 2 was shorted to bolt body right out of package. Don't waste your money on these. Then I tried the Cycle House 4 LED courtesy lights from DL. Didn't like that you could see the LED housing from behind the bike. So I grabbed 2 UltraBright LED's I had in the tool box, drilled 2 holes right above plate, bent LED leads at 90 degrees and pushed them into the holes, soldered and shrink tubed them. In the first pic you can see them lit up from above (red and black leads). I do have to adjust the right signal, it's a tad high. I like the way this came out.

Yes, I killed a deer with this bike! I'm fine. Did about $3800 damage to bike.

Links to parts I used:
Direct Line License Plate Bracket (nice piece Hal!)

Kuryakyn Billet Marker Lights for turnsignals (Halogen, VERY bright)

License Frame

I have tried just about every wax/polish on the market on my bikes and Vettes. Everytime something new comes out, I have to try it. I just got some polish and swirl remover from Ultra 2000 Mfg. This stuff is incredible, but a little pricey. Does wonders on black! BTW, I am NOT affiliated with Ultra or WebBikeWorld in any way.

Swirl Remover


Ulltra 2000 Mfg.

Ride Safe, Rob

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thanks, im the same way with wax/polish, now i have to try these three products. :bigthumbsup: :super: :doorag:

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I definitely like that lighting setup much better than the LED cluster I used on my bike. Lighting looks much more even, and as you mentioned, not visible from the rear like the LED cluster. Great idea. Thanks.

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