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One of the nice things about last weekend is I really got to sit and look at the bike and figure out what I want to do to it. 8)
I'll list what my plans are and maybe you can list yours.

280 rear wheel and tire with matching custom front wheel that we have designed (Chrome)

Fat fork covers (black) with chrome tripple trees. Bottom fork legs and inside rotor done in black too.

Custom front turn signals

Stainless lines front to back

Blacked out handlebar controls with 1.5" dragbars

Tach relocated inside headlight housing

Custom mirrors and grips

Custom footpegs with stock brackets chromed

Custom airbox with our new adaptor plate

Custom pipes (to be decided)

Custom seat by????

Custom plate and rear turn signals -Done

Two nitrous bottles mounted on fender struts (one on each strut) "dry shot"

Yellow and black paint job with tank seem filled

That's about it for now but I will add to this list or take away depending if things change. 8) Now how about you? :pop:

I'll probably start off mild - sport windshield; passenger backrest for 2-up when we don't take the Valk; different tag mount.

After that, bags if the style is right. That 280 tire is tempting though. One of the reasons I fell for the M109 was being able to get a fairly wide stock tire on a quality bike that was reasonably priced.

A lot is going to depend on what Suzuki, after-marketers and folks like yourself come up with.

Should be fun though!

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Braided brake lines
mini led turn signals mtd to the rear strut bolts (done)
Hardkrome 2 into 1
Custom airbox
PCIII (maybe)
Black out rims w/polished lip
Custom grips and mirrors

That should just about do it for me :D

Sissy Bar- Already sent a seat to Australia to have that done

Sport Windshield- Done (SpitFire)

Custom Paint- Have plans made with Robert Oakley to have that done this Winter

Chrome or Polished Wheels

Biggger rear tire- After I wear the Dunlop out

Possibly Custom Exhaust- After they have been proven to keep or improve performance

Saddlebags- Already have the bags, waiting on supports.

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- 280 Wheel/Tire - depending on price
- chop off mud flap on fender. Custom plate/signals in it's place.
- turn signal change on forks.
- I would really like to see fat chrome fork tubes and chrome triple tree covers make it to daylight.
- Stainless Steel brake lines.
- Chromed handlebar controls and riser
- Pipes ( waiting on Lamont's dyno analysis )
- Airbox(s) Thunder MFG?
- Fuel manager. Don't know which, yet.
- Running/Back-off light modules
- Well placed LED's
- Nice footpegs. Most likely Kuryakyn.
- Mirrors - anything different will work.
- Polished swingarm
- Polished rotors
- Chromed or polished calipers / fork lowers. Maybe a cool cover?
- Somewhere to store more tools!
- Custom paint. Fill Tank seam. Factory paint seems wimpy.

- Adds: Windshield, Bags, Backrest - for touring and hauling the wifey.
- Done: Grips, de-stickered, de-reflectored, adjusted bars and controls, finally broke in.

That's all I can think of right now :)

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Here's my wish list so far

280 tire
side mount plate (on order)
Stealth turn signal (on order)
Sideburner exhaust (on order)
forward controls
fix the rev limiter
PCIII if required for the blower otherwise I'll go with something else
Paint will be last

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-chrome wheels, hub, shaft, swingarm
-either lower a few inches, or bigger rear wheel/tire. depends on price and how it affects ridability
-blower (possibly, if not to large)
-programmable turn signal relay (got it, just need time to mount)
-LED accent lights (got it, just need time to mount)
-headlight modulator
-new pipe
-fuel computer
-air intakes
-stereo (wireless helmet mod)

already done:
-grips and mirrors
-side mount plate
-turn signals
-brake modulator

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Nothing much really, the bike is excellent as is... but...

Remove rear signal/tag mount.

LED rear turn signal or modulator for the existing rear brake light.

Dunny 250 rear.

Bar end mount mirrors.

Cobra drag pipes - on order - keeping the originals since they are the best stock pipes I've ever seen.

Power Commander - on order.

K&N or some type of intake modification.

Well I guess that's a bit more than I originally thought but regardless of what happens, Zuki done something real right!!! :bigthumbsup:

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Easy mods at first!

Relocate stock tail lights to rear reflector brackets ( reflectors removed ). Remove stock rear plate/light bracket.

Side Mount license plate tucked horizontally deep into the wheel ( home fabed from polished stainless ) with LED plate frame.

Relocate Tach to headlight shroud.

Install Dunnie Elite 3, 250/40-R-18 on stock rear rim. ( no mods required ). This tire is 1/2 wider than stock D221 240/40-R18.

Fab and install stainless luggage carrier with plasma cut detailing. Fab replacement mounting bolts for fender braces ( quick mount for luggage carrier ).

Install ISO grips.

Fab spacer blocks for stock risers ( 1 inch thick )

Install stainless braided break lines.

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When I bought it, like usual, I said I'd leave it box stock.
Like usual, that doesn't last long.
I then fixed up my license mount, raised it, tilted it, added BIG Bikes plate bracket, and went to clear turn signal lens. I run red LEDS in rear signals, yellow LEDS in front signals. Then I added Kuryakyns Run, Turn, and Brake unit with the rear modulator. That required load equalizers. I then added a Slipstreamer Spitfire sport shield.
Next on the list will be exhaust, intake, and programming changes.
Polishing and chroming will be a Winter project.
Paint and other ideas will be a when I need them, or think of them.
As of now, I don't see a 280 rear, but again, I'm not sure how long that will last.

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As usual I want more than my budget will allow but I have started with the cheap and simple things .

Tach relocated to cowl
removed stickers & reflectors
added iso grips & arlen ness mirrors
adding Kuryakyn red led silver bullets to fender struts ( did this tonight )
removed front signals and chrome thingie under cowl & added amber led silver bullets (also tonight )
started on removing the rear signals and license bracket to install new lighted frame
Things I want to do :
roadburner 2.5 street pros ( when Lamonster and Hal get them in and test them )
power commander or something like it
a intake kit of some kind ,, i love the look of the Kuryakyn pro -hypercharger
polish wheels or chrome them (probably polish ,, I 'm cheap!!)
Kuryakyn pegs
maybe polish swingarm
after all this I'll be broke so I guess I should quit . I have too many toys to buy for !!

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well from what i know

would like to move the plate up and get some different turn signals for rear
new mirrors with the turn signal in them
some led maybe small head lights
some led lights in purple i think
back rest only when i have company on the bike
new grips (already installed)
tank bra (in the processing of making)(donedone 6\4\06)
hyper charger maybe
power commander or the FI2000

once that is done i will be broke....hehehehehehehe

not sure after that will have to see

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Definite= Side mount plate, Underfender LED strip turn signals, Sissybar, Driving lights, Chrome stuff, Chrome stuff, Chrome stuff, Intake and exhaust (map if needed)

Hopefully = Chrome wheels, 280 rear, Paint,

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Gonna ride it like it is until winter, except for some type of removable sissy bar for the missus as soon as possible (hey... she bought the darn thing - it's the least I can do). My winter list includes:

2-into-1 exhaust - for asthetics only... gotta keep in good graces with the neighbors - they like to grill and I have NEVER turned down a free meal :redfaced:
Chrome wheels and shaft assembly
250 Dunlop rear tire
Small wind screen that goes with the lines of the bike
LED signals and revamped license plate assembly
Smallish, tasteful footboards

Maybe waiting until winter will give me more of a variety of choices. And it'll give me a reason to start 'er up occasionally :bigthumbsup:
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