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Well guys & gals, we had a wicked good time down at the outerbanks last week, i got to meet blink109,vapiper, skullster,t-bud, and a few more but cant remember:beer3: ! I entered my bike in the metric bike competition at Vertigo Tattoo in manns harbor and sorry to report i did not place. Im pretty sure that the judges where all harly guys and they turned there nose up as soon as they saw my bike. Of all the bikes,1,2,3 place went all to Vtx Hondas, and with 15 mins to go the last vtx came in and they gave him 3rd place, this was my first attempt at a show but im not discouaged because M109s are a way better bike than the harleys or the hondas, the jugdes knew the other guys and handed them the trophys, Bull:edit:!
While down there my freind Hap & I went deep sea fishing, we caught 2 dolphin,(Mahi-Mahi)and 5 yellow fin tuna, that was an awsome day!
also meet up with a bunch of 9s at Hooters for the Miss Kittyhawk contest, WOW We!!!!!
Also have to report that i didnt win anything in the surf fishing tournement but still very fun, A bad day of fishin is better than a good day at work!

Bike Pic at Oregon Inlet

1st Place, then 2nd place, no pic of 3rd place

1st Place Vtx Honda

Check out the price tag

Fishing on the Marlin Mania, Capt Jim,and Mate Tim

Fish Caught and in the Box!


Thar be Whales Captain!!!!

This boat followed us out to the Gulf Stream

Lots of SUSHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Yellowfin 2 Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi)

Best Turnout they had all week, Wonder why?

The 9s arrive! T-Bud, Ooink,Skullster & Girlfriend

Meeting of the minds, oh yea, the 9s!!!


Maggie May the Basset Beach Bum

Fishin 12 Rods


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I know this guy from the VTX forum, I ride with some of them because my other bike is a Honda Sabre with a VTX rear fender. He wins almost every show he enters, all over Eastern NC.
I met the owner of this bike and he was pretty cool dude, im not knocking his bike as it is a sweet ride but for all 3 bikes to place were hondas, common, they just didnt care for the 109!:edit:

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Nice pics Crazy train.

Let's see now....

Tuna sushi
tuna cassarole
tuna sandwiches
grilled tuna
blackened tuna
poached tuna
stuffed tuna
tuna salad
tuna surprise

And that's just the first 2... What are you going to do with all those fish?

Looks like a great time. And you didn't have to pull your switchblade on anybody crossing your lines at the beach:joke:

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here are some of my pics ,from OBX bike Week

Duckinu2 has foumd the BEST BBQ place on the East Coast here is one of their Shirts


Dannys Family RIDES Togeather

This is For Bruce ,,,,See I went To Church While I was out of town :joke:

I ment to Ride down to See CraxyTrain but this was as far as i got

Skullster and his Lady Lead T-Bud and i down Beach rd to a nice little spot

he treats her like dirt :D

Danny took these ,

These are some of mine

Thanks Sara :bigthumbsup:

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