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Pic of the m109r at the Leesburg bike rally

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I was there this morning. Did you get a picture of the cobra? I thought they rushed thru both bikes they had on display but they do give you some good ideas.
OMEGA said:
Damn I'll bet those babies bark :verymad:
I saw them both and talked to the dealer. Cobra has done some toying with us. Neither one of their bikes actually runs. If you look at the other one that has the trick air box, it is a fake. It isn't even hocked up. The dealer said all they do is pull on and off the truck, they are not running bikes. :cop: :cop: :eek:
larry109 said:
No heat sheilds! :eek: Gee, I hope they come with a voucher for a complimentary skin graft.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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