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performance and handling

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As I have already posted earlyer 1/4 mile times , I must admit that this bike has some things I realy hate, A Super Clunky Trans, ERgos are not comfortable for me, Bike needs a small floor board and a heel toe shifter and handelbars that are back about two inches, also a small windshield but most importantly, some place to put a spare pare of gloves and clear nite glasses,or sun glasses, almost cant stand no place to put anything. Now I feel better thanks for lettin me complain.
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hd2plze said:
ERgos are not comfortable for me, Bike needs a small floor board and a heel toe shifter and handelbars that are back about two inches, also a small windshield but most importantly, some place to put a spare pare of gloves...
Well, maybe you should have bought a Gold Wing. They have cup holders too. ;)

Just kidding. But seriously, the M109R wasn't really designed to be a "flower-sniffer". Not that there's anything wrong with those kind of bikes, but somethimes it's smarter to buy a bike better suited to that than to complain about why a high-performance drag-bike cruiser isn't as well-appointed as you'd like.

Just my $.02.
I was a bit surprised that there was no place to store anything at all....in particular, my disc lock. Oh well...I love this bike!
The "glove box" fits the tools that came with the bike, registration, insurance card and a pack of smokes. What else could you ask for? :beer3: :a18:
No bike is perfect...it sounds like you paid before you bought the machine...it's like your wanting Rolls Royce luxury...with the power, fit and finish of an Nascar.
I have never met an bike that was flawless, they all have weeknesses.

But for the value of the M109r it's had to beat.
I seldom carry any more than a small pair of reading glasses (in a hard case) in my left pants pocket for reading the menu in real dark bars and a cell phone in my right for emergencies. For those who want a tad more, A tank bib wqith a pocket, or a mini magnetic tank bag should help.
A touring bike it isn't but I'll probably pick up on a 21 litre or bigger tank bag and a pair of throw on sport bike bags from Tourmasterfor those time I go tripping.
My disc lock came in a little belt loop case for those times i want to take it with me.
There's plenty of space inder the seat.
Heck, I can store a box of 5 cigars if I lay them flat and locate them between the seat pads.
Gloves will fit that way also.
Bought a large leather fanny pack at the Bikefest for $20.
I use that to carry my lunch to work!
Even use a backpack when I am called upon to make a grocery trip.
And, don't we all look for any excuse to ride!
I had a leftover Willie and Max HK622 hooker that I placed under the pillion and it gave plenty of hookup places and allowed me to put a roll bag over the seat without worrying about it falling off. Took it down the highway and had no problems what so ever.
Here are some really cool Joe Rocket tank bags. I actually fitted one of the silver bags to my silver 109 when I was in the process of buying it and it looked and fit very well. That said, my last bike was a BMW K1200LT and it was a huge beast of a bike with enough storage to choke a mule. It also had so much wind protection and driver comforts like heated handgrips and heated seat, 6 cd changer, cruise control .....you get the idea, that it was like driving a two wheeled car. I got the 109 to get back to true raw power motorcycling the way it was meant to be. Fast, slightly scary at times, gritty and real. The 109 is like a lowriding v-twin sportbike that was meant to be ridden and enjoyed not to put us to sleep....my 2 cents.
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